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About Us

About Us

Mobilook publishes news, guides and reviews about cellular phones. We think cell phones are the coolest and most useful consumer device. We want to share our knowledge and information with you to help you use your cell phone to the fullest.

What We Do

Mobilook publishes consumer information that is specifically useful for people who are buying or using a mobile phone. Mobilook does not publish industry statistics, analysis or forecasts. Our news reports won't waste your time with company plans, rumors or speculation.

The Mobilook team of researchers, reviewers and writers has in-depth experience and knowledge about the mobile phone industry and products.

We provide objective and unbiased facts, guides and critical opinions about mobile phone products and services that you can use now. The website is updated daily with the latest news and information about mobile phones.

Why Use Mobilook?

Mobilook is not owned or sponsored by any product manufacturer or seller or by any service provider. So you get unbiased information and advice -- something many sites do not provide. We do not list sites for a fee or in exchange for our link. The sites we list are based on the information value or industry importance that they have for buying or using mobile phones.

There are a lot of cell phone products on the market. There is a lot of information available about those products. But much of this information can not be trusted because it is not from an independent source.

Manufacturers, cellular operators and retailers are biased towards the products that they sell. The information you see might not be complete, accurate or suitable for you. But you won't find out that from them.

We also noticed that no two "Top Cellphones" lists published by reviewers or compiled from users ever recommended the same phones. The reviewers have different criteria. The users have different needs. Products come, go and change quickly. No one source can have current or detailed information about all products and services.

Our goal is to enable you to find all the information you need to buy and use the right cell phone. Our news, guides and reviews help you make your way along the path to getting the best cell phone and services that meet your individual needs.

Use Our Information and Guides About Cell Phones to:

  • Find the best cell phone and calling plan that meet your needs.
  • Be informed about the latest mobile phone products and news.
  • Become more proficient using mobile e-mail, messaging and Web browsing.
  • Personalize your cell phone to your style by adding ringtones and images.
  • Get mobile content for your news, weather, sports or financial information needs.
  • Buy the right accessories to make your cell phone work better for you.

We hope you find the Mobilook website to be truly useful for your mobile phone needs.


If you want to comment on a mobile device or service or request information about a mobile phone product or service, please send an e-mail to Mobilook at cellphone@mobilook.com.

Mobilook.com is owned and operated by Pulsar Media Group, based in Toronto, Canada.

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