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Wireless Carriers and Mobile Operators

Learn about wireless carriers (mobile operators) and cell phone calling plans by reading useful guides, unbiased reviews, best buys and special promotions.

See our List of Wireless Service Providers in North America, Europe and Asia. Network service coverage maps are included for many providers.


  1. Mobilook Guides – about wireless service providers and calling plans
  2. Reviews – of wireless service providers and calling plans
  3. Best Buys and Special Promotions
  4. List of Wireless Service Providers – North America, Europe, Asia. Including coverage maps.
  5. Wireless Carrier News – Current news about wireless carriers and cell phone calling plans

1. Mobilook Guides

2. Reviews

To compare wireless service providers and calling plans, look at the reviews and information from following leading consumer and industry research organizations:

  • CNET: Cellphone Reviews – Reviews of cellphone handsets and carrier plans.
  • CNET: Cellphone Forums – Useful discussions of handsets, carriers, retailers, etc.
  • Consumer Reports – Reputable reviews and recommendations of consumer products. Cell phones and carriers, Feb. 2005 edition. Payment required for online version.
  • CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service – Consumer code about cellphone service quality and customer service. Lists US wireless service providers that have implemented the code. The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry.
  • HearUsNow.org: Wireless Services – "Consumer voice for communications choice" - Cellphone service consumer issues and alerts. By Consumers Union, non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports.
  • J.D. Power and Associates: Telecom Ratings – Survey results of wireless mobile phones, smart phones, call quality, customer care, and retail sales of major U.S. and Canadian wireless carriers. Wireless studies and awards.
  • LetsTalk.com – US cellphone and service plan reviews.
  • MyRatePlan.com Wireless – Comprehensive comparison of cell phones and service plans.
  • SaveOnPhone.com Wireless – Comparison of US wireless calling plans. Also comparison of long distance service providers and rates.
  • SlashPhone: Cellphones – Blogs about mobile phones, accessories and service providers.
  • TeleBright – US cellphone rate plan comparisons.

3. Best Buys and Special Promotions

Mobile phone services that are great value or innovative:

  • Virgin Mobile USA and Virgin Mobile Canada – Prepaid calling plans are straightforward and offer low rates and no contracts.
  • Bundled services from major telecommunications providers – Reduce your total cost of services by buying your phone, cellular, cable, satellite and Internet services from one company. But watch out for unneeded or expensive extras.

4. Wireless Carriers and Mobile Operators

North America

South America



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