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Mobile Content

Portals, Directories and Search Engines

List of Web portals, directories and search engines that provide mobile content. Use the mobile Web addresses on your cell phone.

  • 4Info – Get information about sports, weather, stocks, movies, yellow pages and more. Via text message and alerts. Mobile Web: http://wap.4info.net/
  • AOL Alerts and Reminders – Custom alerts and reminders via text message.
  • AOL Mobile – E-mail, customized news, stock quotes, weather. America Online. Mobile Web: http://mobile.aol.com/
  • BBC Mobile – News, sports, entertainment, lottery, weather and more. Choose from WAP and SMS alerts services.
  • Bolt – Communication services, horoscopes, polls, and other youth-oriented content. Mobile Web: http://wap.bolt.com/
  • Froogle Mobile – Shopping through Google. Check current prices of items for sale online. Mobile Web: wml.froogle.com.
  • Google Mobile – Google WAP gateway for searching the Web. Mobile Web: wap.google.com/wml
  • Google SMS – SMS gateway for searching the Web.
  • Kong.net – Chinese wireless Internet portal.
  • Lycos – Personalized stocks, sports, news, weather, horoscopes, and. Mobile Web: http://wap.lycos.com
  • Mobio GetMobio – Free cell phone portal software applications. Get entertainment information, make reservations, buy movie tickets, view maps, and more.
  • MSN Alerts (Microsoft Network) – Notifies you of time-sensitive events and information from sources such as MSNBC, MSN Autos, Weather.com, and MSN Money.
  • MSN Mobile (Microsoft Network) – E-mail, yellow pages, finance, travel, and news.
  • Tom Online – Chinese portal features SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR, ringtones and ringback tones.
  • Yahoo! Alerts – News, stock quotes, weather, and more via text message.
  • Yahoo! Mobile – Personalized services including e-mail, calendar, address book, finance, weather, news, and sports. Mobile Web: http://wap.yahoo.com
  • Yahoo! Mobile: Web Directory – of sites with mobile content, specially designed to work with a WAP-enabled phone.
  • Yahoo! My Mobile – Personalize your mobile experience. See information tailored for your phone. Get mobile versions of popular Yahoo! services.

Note – There are two markup languages used to design mobile Web pages and referenced above. Your mobile phone browser may or may not support them:

  • HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language) – is Openwave's proprietary Web markup language. HDML pages can only be viewed on Web-enabled mobile phones that use an Openwave browser. HDML was developed before WAP. It uses Openwave's Handheld Device Transport Protocol (HDTP) instead of WAP.
  • WML (Wireless Markup Language) – is an open Web markup language developed by Openwave and based on HDML. WML pages can be viewed on any mobile device that supports WAP. WML is supported by almost every mobile phone browser around the world.

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