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Mobile Content

Social Networking

List of social networking providers that offer mobile phone-based services for sharing personal content, such as files, photos, notes, messages and blogs, with other people.

Remotely access and share your content from your cell phone. Share access with anyone, wherever you are. Join the major networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Then try another network that appeals to your individual needs and preferences. Most services are free (excluding wireless carrier fees) and let you control who sees what content. Use the mobile Web addresses on your cell phone.

  • aka-aki – Germany-based social network site.
  • America's Best Mobile Pix – Submit your photos for a chance to win prizes. View and vote on pictures from your Sprint Picture Mail account. By FunMail.
  • Brightkite – Keep up with friends and places.
  • Broadtexter – Mobile club for music fans.
  • Cyworld – Popular Korean-language social networking service. Create your own "virtual room." Access from cell phones. Also Cyworld Japanese and Cyworld Chinese. Owned by South Korean-based SK Telecom.
  • Facebook Mobile – Popular social networking site offers mobile Web, uploads and text. Mobile Web: http://m.facebook.com.
  • Facebook for iPhone – Facebook application for iPhone.
  • Facebook for Touchscreen Phones – Facebook site for use with touchscreen phones such as iPhone and Android. Mobile Web: http://touch.facebook.com.
  • Foursquare – Location-based social networking website where users "check-in" at venues using a mobile website, text message or mobile application. Get Points and earn Badges. It's a friend-finder and city guide.
  • Friendster Mobile – Popular online social networking service offers mobile service in the Philippines to Sun Cellular, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications subscribers.
  • Friendstribe – Social networking site designed to be used from your cell phone through text messaging.
  • Gowalla – Location-based social networking service where users "check-in" at Spots they visit, either through a mobile application or through the mobile website, to keep up with friends or discover new places. Receive bonuses for "checking in" at venues.
  • Jaiku – Social networking and micro-blogging service. Owned by Google.
  • JuiceCaster – Create content and blogs to share with your friends on your cell phones.
  • Loopt – Mobile social network available through main U.S. carriers. Free for a year and then $4 per month.
  • Mobile Faker – Got an awkward social or work dilemma? Schedule a Faux Call for your handset to rescue you. InstaLife: Wallpapers to create fake boyfriends, girlfriends, pets and lives. Rejection Lines: Creative and humorous lines to end bad dates.
  • MobiLuck – Location-based mobile social network for meeting friends. Available in 15 languages.
  • Moblabber – Groups for discussing common interests online and mobile.
  • MocoSpace – Free mobile phone community. Chat, forums, relationships, and share files.
  • Motorola Share – Remote access and content sharing service for owners of select Motorola handsets.
  • MyGamma – Mobile community for blogs, groups, chat and games.
  • MySpace Mobile – Popular social networking community.
  • NowThen – Share mobile photos.
  • Rabble – Mobile picture-sharing, friends, blogging, places, groups and messaging.
  • ShoZu – Mobile social media services. Connect with other popular social networking sites.
  • Treemo – Share digital media using mobile. Available in 4 languages.
  • Twitter for Mobile – Social networking and micro-blogging service allows users to send text updates via SMS, instant messaging or Mobile Web. Mobile Web: http://m.twitter.com.
  • Veeker – Share video and picture messages using mobile and web.
  • Wadja – Mobile social network to send free unlimited text messages worldwide. Label content and conversations in real-time. Available in 10 languages.
  • WattPad – Read and share user-supplied stories and text files on your mobile phone.
  • WebDate Mobile – Popular singles and dating site in North America has a mobile feature.
  • Yahoo! Mobile: Photos – Flickr for Mobile. Upload, save and share your photos via cell phone. Turn your favorite photos into screen-savers.
  • Yahoo! Mobile – Mobile mail. address, calendar, news, search and more.
  • YouTube Mobile – Very popular video site. Play videos on your phone. Create videos from your phone.
  • Zannel – Mobile video and photo blogging community. Post content to other social network sites.
  • Zingku – Share photos, send invitations, conduct polls, and connect with friends by integrating your cell phone with a personalized web site. Acquired by Google.
  • Zyb – Organize and store personal contact information on your cell phone. Connect with people on other social networks. Acquired by Vodafone. New service called Vodafone 360.

Note – There are two markup languages used to design mobile Web pages and referenced above. Your mobile phone browser may or may not support them:

  • HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language) – is Openwave's proprietary Web markup language. HDML pages can only be viewed on Web-enabled mobile phones that use an Openwave browser. HDML was developed before WAP. It uses Openwave's Handheld Device Transport Protocol (HDTP) instead of WAP.
  • WML (Wireless Markup Language) – is an open Web markup language developed by Openwave and based on HDML. WML pages can be viewed on any mobile device that supports WAP. WML is supported by almost every mobile phone browser around the world.

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