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Mobile Phone Safety and Security

Mobile phones are convenient communications devices that give us freedom and enable us to do more, anywhere, anytime. But be aware of the safety and security issues and risks of owning and using a mobile phone.

The main safety risk is having an accident by being distracted by using a mobile phone while engaged in a potentially dangerous activity such as driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery or equipment. "Safety first" is the best way to avoid an accident.

The main security risk is having malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans or worms, transferred to your mobile phone via messaging (text or picture message) or Bluetooth connectivity. They can cause your phone to work improperly, slowly or not at all. They can delete data on your phone or add charges to your bill. The problems can be more serious if you have private or confidential information stored on your phone.

Reduce your safety and security risks and problems with mobile phones by reading the following information.

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